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You've got to see this Apple-shaped Island Green! + The One-Armed Sand Drill You Must Try

Happy Friday, and welcome to our newest 296 subscribers since our last edition. In case you missed it, Charlie Woods attempted to qualify for a PGA Tour event and much to the media’s disappointment, he shot a forgettable 86, complete with a 12 on the par four 7th hole. If it’s not Tiger in the news, it’s Charlie. For us fans, it looks like this will our lives for the next few decades.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: The world’s most watched online golf coach Danny Maude has a one-armed bunker drill that will definitely help you develop a better feel for how the club should glide through the sand.

✅ COURSES: An Apple (green) per day is sure to keep the Pinnacles in play. Seriously, you’ve gotta see this apple shaped island green! 🍎

✅ STATISTICS: Speaking of lost balls, our stat of the day shows just how many golf balls are lost in an average round.

✅ TRIVIA: In keeping with the theme, our trivia question focuses on the iconic 17th hole island green at TPC Sawgrass, for a chance to win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool (1 of only 300 tools ever made)

Let’s get into it!

The One-Armed Sand Drill You Need to Try
World’s Most Watched Online Golf Coach Danny Maude explains
To Recap…

If you struggle with the greenside bunkers (like me), your body posture + your angle of attack + the strength of your grip could all be contributing factors. To practice all 3 at the same time, use this drill:

-STEP 1: As you take your set-up with ball positioned off your front foot, lower your hands (to help maintain loft, use the bounce, and get the ball in the air).
-STEP 2: Draw a line in the sand 2 inches behind the ball
-STEP 3: Hold the club with your trail arm only (using the opposite arm for support and stablization)
-STEP 4: Allow the club to swing back and forth, and aim to consistently make impact right on that line in the sand you drew. There should be no forward press motion and very limited tension in your grip.
i.e. Your swing should feel very loose & “wrist-y”

You can even practice this motion as you set-up to a bunker shot during your rounds (without actually hitting the sand of course). Get the feel of this motion ingrained in your head and bunker shots will start to feel effortless.

You have to see this Apple Island Green in person

Apple Tree Resort Golf Course
Yakima, WA

Golf Digest featured the 17th hole at Apple Tree Resort Golf Course as one of the best island greens in the country in March of 2023. This 10,000 square foot green has 9 tee boxes and the course sits alongside a 100 year old apple orchard. The course is actually priced quite reasonably as you can get on during the week for ~$65 in the afternoons. Situated about 2 hours southeast of Seattle, a whopping 98% of golfers recommend this course on GolfPass, Bonus points if you skull your wedge and knock an apple off the trees that sit behind the green. 😉

Rates: $72-93 greens fees during peak times

Check out this hole rundown from @coursesyouneedtoplay

Stat of the Day: Lost Balls Per Round
presented by…

The Stat: The typical golfer (i.e. a 14.1 handicap) loses an average of 1.3 balls per round.

The Takeaway: That number honestly feels low. I can certainly remember rounds where I’ve lost a few sleeves worth myself. But there are quite a few wide open courses out there with little to no trouble. Regardless, avoid lost balls at all costs.

Scoring well is not about making birdies but avoiding blow-up holes.

Answer to Win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool! 1 of only 300 ever made!
(1 winner chosen on 2/29/24 across all February trivia correct entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

How many golf balls are lost annually at the iconic 17th hole island green at TPC Sawgrass?

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