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This crazy backyard pitch & putt has a yearlong waitlist + Fix your slice in 2 steps

We all want a great practice set-up right in our backyard, but one man in Georgia took this idea to the extreme, creating a super-difficult 18 hole pitch and putt through the woods right outside his house. And you can play it! But there’s a catch, you’ll have to wait a full year just to get on.

In our Tips & Drills segment, let’s get rid of that banana slice. We’ve got a 2-step (or is it 3 steps?) drill, and if you practice enough, it will certainly make you a straighter driver off the tee. Plus, a statistic about practice hours by handicap and a trivia question about the busiest course in America for a chance to win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool… 1 of only 300 tools ever made!

This 2 step drill will cure your slice in no time
Maybe it’s 3 steps? Arizona-based PGA Pro Keith Bennett explains
To Recap…

If you’re a natural slicer of the ball and dream about hitting a power draw, here’s your range drill fix:

-STEP 1: Place an alignment stick in the ground at a 30* angle directly behind the ball. This will prevent you from “coming over the top,” as you’ll hit the alignment stick if you make the wrong move.
-STEP 2:  Alter your swing path so that the club head comes from the inside as you progress toward impact, staying under the alignment stick.
-STEP 3:  To help you square the club face, practice rotating your wrist down and to the left on your downswing as if you’re turning a screwdriver.

OK, technically that was 3 steps. But practice this drill and you’ll be hitting power draws like Rory in no time.

The backyard pitch & putt with a 1-year waitlist

Vickery Creek PitchPutt
Roswell, GA

Ever dreamt of having a golf course in your backyard? Well, one man made that dream a reality, and some call it the most difficult course in the US. The course has become so popular that there’s a 1 year waitlist just to get on. Course creator Jonathan Calhoun named all 18 holes after popular movies like Star Wars & Ghostbusters, and he states that he can “neither confirm nor deny that [he] created Vickery Creek just to antagonize everyone who plays it!”

Rates: $30 greens fees

Check out this course rundown from @esquiregolf


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Stat of the Day: Handicap x Practice Time By Club Type
presented by…

The Stat: The best players clearly practice their short game (i.e. wedges & putter) significantly more than players with higher handicaps

The Takeaway: Stop rolling up the sleeves and muscling up to show off your driver. If you want to be great, you’ll want at least 30% of your practice time dedicated to your wedges & putter.

Answer to Win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool! 1 of only 300 ever made!
(1 winner chosen on 2/29/24 across all February trivia correct entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Why is Ala Wai in Honolulu, Hawaii commonly referred to as the busiest golf course in the US?

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