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Beat the Pro, Win a Free Round + A Simple Credit Card Hack to Fix Your Slice

Plus, What Yardage Should You Be Playing Based on Data?

Happy Friday all- not much golf news after last week’s thrilling US Open. But if you didn’t see, Bryson was observed walking around downtown Nashville, trophy in hand and using his hardware to cut the VIP line. Transforming his perception from “annoying unlikeable scientist” to “man of the people” the last few years has been an absolute masterclass in Public Relations. If he had used his trophy in 2020 as entrance into a club, he would have been villainized for months. Now we are celebrating him… incredible.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Use a credit card to fix your slice. Easy peasy.

✅ COURSES: A green oasis in the desert of southern Utah. Quench your golf thirst, and if you beat the pro, you could win a free round.

✅ STATISTICS: What tee box should you actually be playing? Here’s what the USGA & PGA of America recommend.

✅ TRIVIA: The Epson Tour is the stepping stone to the LPGA Tour- what’s the pay like and how does it compare to a normal PGA event? Answer for a chance to win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack!

Enjoy the weekend!

A Credit Card Can Fix Your Slice
As shown by Golf Instructor, Justin Kraft
To Recap…

Do you struggle with a slice as your consistent ball shape? It’s likely that your lead wrist is too cupped at the top of your swing and/or you’re coming in too steep. Luckily, a simple credit card is all you need:

-STEP 1: Place the credit card inside your glove on top of your lead wrist.
-STEP 2: Take the club back and if it feels like the edge of the credit card is digging into the top of your wrist, flatten out your wrist angle until it’s no longer touching. This will promote a square club face at the top of your swing.
-STEP 3: On your downswing, you’ll want to feel like the edge of the credit card actually gets even further away from the top of your wrist. This is the the club “shallowing” so that you can attack the ball from a better angle. From there, all you need to a good hip rotation through the ball with very little hand or arm action. Problem solved.

Beat The Pro, Win a Free Round
We need more innovation like this from this Utah Best Value

Copper Rock Golf Course
Hurricane, Utah

Copper Rock Golf Course is one of the best courses in Utah, having hosted the Epson Tour Copper Rock Championship the last 4 years as well as the 2024 LPGA Senior Championship. It only opened in 2020 after it was carved from nothing into the southern Utah desert (seriously, check out THIS aerial map of the terrain). Golf Advisor already has it ranked as the 4th best golf course in all of Utah. With immaculate conditioning and a desert mountain backdrop that looks more like an Apple desktop background than a golf course, it needs to be on your list if you’re visiting nearby St. George.

But that’s not the best part of the story- you can take on their head pro, John Horton, in a one-hole match. If you win, you can get a free round of golf or apparel from the pro shop. But even if you blow your chance at glory, this course won’t crush your wallet. It’s an incredible value with peak rates under $150 and weekend rates after 2pm under $65. Just know the wind tends to pick up in the afternoon, so check the forecast ahead of your round.

Pro tip: If you really love the views, you can rent one of the luxury homes or villas along the property and enjoy the mountain landscape all week long.

Rates: $65 - $149 during peak season (unless you win yourself that free round)

Check out this rundown from @golftrip.ai

Stat of the Day: What Yardage Should You Be Playing From?
presented by…

For reference, the median back tee yardage for U.S. golf courses of 6,518 yards

The Stat: In collaboration between USGA and The PGA of America, Tee It Forward was created to encourage golfers to play from the tees best suited to their individual driving distance. Above is a visual representation meant to be a guide when making your tee choice.

The Takeaway: When comparing this chart to the median back tee yardage for U.S. golf courses of 6,518 yards, we were surprised to learn that the USGA would recommend ~25% of golfers to play the back tees on an average course. Sure, there are plenty of courses at 7,000+ yards from the tips that play exponentially harder than a wide open 6,500 yard prairie course, so it’s not perfect math. But we know plenty of long hitters that could never break 90 even on their best days with a wide open course, and playing the back tees isn’t doing anything but slowing down the pace of play.

Translation: Driving distance is only one factor when selecting your set of tees. Your short game as well as your ability to keep the ball in play still need to be factored into the equation. Keep the game moving and everyone on the course will have a better experience.

Answer to Win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack 
(1 winner chosen on 6/30/24 across all June trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Often referred to as the "road to the LPGA," The Epson Tour broke records with the largest combined purse in its history for the 2024 season. How much is the total projected purse for the full 2024 season?

(as a reference, a single PGA Tour non-signature event falls between $7-10M and signature events average ~$20M)

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