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  • The first ever 21 hole golf course + Are you "chasing" with your hands?

The first ever 21 hole golf course + Are you "chasing" with your hands?

Have you heard the term “chasing” when it comes to your golf swing? If you’re someone who can get a good amount of spin on your chip and pitch shots but can’t get the ball high up in the air, chasing with the hands might be your issue.

George Gankas (Golf Digest’s 18th Best Teacher in the USA) helps explain in the video below. People pay George $600 an hour for advice like this. No, seriously. That’s his hourly rate 🤯

Plus, the world’s first 21 hole golf course and a fun piece of trivia about golf in Alaska for a chance to win a Malbon x Seamus Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover!

Do all of your pitches come out low?
George Gankas has your answer
Golf Digest’s #18th best teacher in the USA

To Recap…

What is “chasing”? It’s when your hands reach away from your body to follow the ball after you’ve made ball contact. You might make good contact, but it’s likely difficult to hit the ball high in the air.

The Fix:

-STEP 1: As soon as you’ve made contact, start to extend your hands up towards the sky and focus on holding the connection between your club handle and your mid-section (instead of following the ball away from your body)
-STEP 2: Maintain upright posture/balance and focus on rotating your hips after impact.

Did someone say “21 hole golf course”?

Cabot Citrus Farms
Brooksville, FL

You might know Cabot for it’s Cape Breton course in Nova Scotia, Canada or perhaps for Cabot St. Lucia, but Cabot is about to plant its flag in the US. The Barons & the Oaks Championship courses are traditional 18s (being renamed to the Roost and Karoo), but “the 21” is you guessed it, the first ever 21 hole golf course. You can play the 21 in full or as 2 separate shorter courses, the 10-hole “Squeeze” and the 11-hole “Wedge”. Love it or hate it, we can all agree innovation is a good thing for the game of golf.

Rates: Day rates from $150-$170 (for 18-21 holes)

Check out this course breakdown from our IG friends at @golftrip.ai

Stat of the Day: 3-Putts By Handicap
presented by…

The Stat: A 0 handicap will 3-putt 8% of the time (or 1.44 holes per round), while a 25 handicap will 3-putt 27% of the time (4.86 holes per round).

The Takeaway: Even the best golfers have bad days on the greens. No one is perfect, but you can easily cut 1-2 shots off your score if you spend more time on the practice greens. Work on those lag putts from 25+ feet!

Tidbits we’ve collected




  • Malbon just broke the glass ceiling for upstart apparel brands by signing Jason Day away from Nike. Pro Golf fashion is about to get turned upside down

Answer to Win a Malbon x Seamus Golf Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover
(1 winner chosen on 1/31/24 across all January trivia’s correct entries, 1000 respondents minimum)

How many golf courses does the state of Alaska hold? Of those, how many are full 18 hole courses?

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