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San Diego Prime Tee Times on the Water for < $100? + Do Old Balls Perform that Much Worse than New Ones?

Plus a helpful wall trick if you struggle with fat & thin misses

Happy Tuesday! Even with inclement weather and a baby on the way, Scottie can’t be stopped, securing yet another win Sunday at the RBC Heritage. On a similar hot streak, Nelly Korda snatched her 5th straight win (!!!) this past weekend, making her only the third woman in LPGA history to do so.

So with that in mind, we’re debuting a new section in the newsletter, memes! Hope you enjoy…

In today’s newsletter…

✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Struggling with fat and thin misses? A wall is the tool you need if you want to learn to compress the ball.

✅ COURSES: San Diego golf with bay and city views that doesn’t cost your first-born child? Yes, it’s true!

✅ STATISTICS: Do old & worn golf balls really perform that much worse than brand new balls? Check it out below.

✅ TRIVIA: Golfers can be pretty superstitious, but which Tour Pro superstition is real? Answer for a chance to win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)!

Let’s do it!

Struggle with fat & thin misses? Try this wall drill
@elitegolfcoach_ Mark Govier demonstrates
To Recap…

If you struggle to compress the golf ball and often hit it fat or thin, “Elite Golf Coach” Mark Govier says a wall is a great training aid. Here’s the drill:

-STEP 1: Stand with your lead foot a few inches from a wall and begin your backswing (we might suggest a “softer” wall or you can line a wall with something like an upright gymnastics mat).
-STEP 2: Slowly practice a few downswings, moving your chest forward and keeping your shoulders level.
-STEP 3: The handle of your club should arrive at the wall first with your lead shoulder stacked above your lead knee at impact.

If you find yourself leaning back with your front shoulder well above your rear shoulder, it is likely leading to fat or thin contact.

San Diego Prime Tee Times On the Water < $100?
Put this hidden gem on your travel list

Coronado Golf Course
Coronado, CA

It’s hard to believe that golf anywhere in a 50 mile radius of San Diego could be considered affordable, but the Coronado Golf Course is a public course that boasts sub-$100 fees even during prime weekend hours, and it has a 97.7% recommendation rate on Golf Pass. After WWII, the Port of San Diego wanted to increase the depth of its shipping channel, and the fill produced an additional 120 acres of prime real estate for, you guessed it, a bayside golf course with amazing city views. Named the 5th Best Bang for your Buck in 2017 by Golf Digest, this course could easily run 2-4x it’s current price.

Fun facts: Phil Mickelson apparently likes to swing by if he’s ever in town, and Bill Clinton claims to have shot his best round ever there in 1996, breaking 80 for the first time.

Rates: $44-74 during peak season, but expect a $25 convenience fee when booking in advance on the Coronado Golf Course website

Check out this rundown from @coursesyouneedtoplay

San Diego Series Part 3: Redemption! Coronado Golf Club. This is the cheapest public ocean front course you can find. Not to mention one o... See more

Stat of the Day: Old / Worn Ball vs. New Ball Performance
presented by…

The Stat: When comparing a brand new Titleist Prov1 X ball to an old/worn one in terms of overall performance, we were rather surprised just how minimal the differences were. According to Exact Golf, “The club head speed was minimally higher with the new ball and the dynamic loft 0.5° flatter. The launch angle was also 0.5° flatter.”

The Takeaway: Unless you’re playing in high stakes games or competing for big prize money, you may not always need to pull out that new sleeve of balls. While Exact Golf admits that the balls were not tested around the greens, the data does demonstrate there’s very little performance impact when taking full iron shots.

Note: When conducting the test, Exact Golf compared a brand new Titleist ProV1 X to the same ball model that had been hit a 1000+ times and was deemed no longer suitable to be used during a standard club fittings - see photos above for examples.

Answer to Win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)
(1 winner chosen on 4/30/24 across all April trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)


Tour Pros have many wild superstitions. Which of the below is actually true?

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