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Rory Teaches You the "One Hop & Stop" Chip + The "Frankenstein Course" of Michigan

Plus, Does Humidity Affect Distance?

Happy Friday all! First, there was Tiger Woods, then Michelle Wie and Tad Fujikawa. And now we have a new young buck we can all over-analyze- Miles Russell. At just 15 years old, the reigning American Junior Golf Association Player of the Year became the youngest ever to make a cut on the Korn Ferry Tour, finishing 20th in the LECOM Suncoast Classic. And it was announced on Monday that he will compete in the Rocket Mortgage Classic in late June. It’s your moment Miles. We just hope the press and public scrutiny doesn’t ruin you.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Rory shows us a simple but risky short game shot- learn the “One Hop & Stop” Chip Shot

✅ COURSES: The owner of this Best Value Michigan course hired 6 designers to bring it to life. How did that plan work out?

✅ STATISTICS: Readers asked us to research the affect Humidity has on Distance. See what we found below.

✅ TRIVIA: Two big-name golfers share the same June birthday in a few weeks- any guesses? Answer for a chance to win a 2024 US Open @ Pinehurst Limited Edition Gift Pack!

Play well this weekend!

Rory Shows You the “One Hop & Stop” Chip Shot
Wow your buddies with short game wizardry
To Recap…

Rory shows us a higher risk shot that could come in handy whenever you find yourself needing to get over a slope or small bit of trouble around the green. Here’s how Rory takes on the “One Hop and Stop” chip shot:

-STEP 1: Set up square to your target and open the club face slightly with your weight just barely favoring your lead leg.
-STEP 2: Set the shaft up rather vertical (i.e. no forward shaft lean).
-STEP 3: After taking the club back, try to return it back to vertical at impact, releasing the club head ahead of your hands.

NOTE: This shot is best-suited when you have a clean lie in the fairway or fringe. When playing from the rough, you’ll find it much harder to get the clean, crisp contact required to impart enough spin on the ball to get it stop quickly.

Six Architects Design 3 Holes Each- Disaster or Genius?
Somehow, it resulted in one of the Best Values in America

Pilgrim’s Run Golf Course
Pierson, Michigan

Michigan is known for amazing public golf, but when 6 friendly course designers got together to create Pilgrim’s Run Golf Course, most people thought they were crazy. Course owner Robert Van Kampen had all 6 designers meet at his home and handed each of them 3 pieces of paper with a hole number on it and effectively said, ‘Go to town.’ When legendary designer Tom Doak learned of the plan, he stated, “The program for this course sounds like a complete disaster.” And yet, somehow it worked. Fortunately, for everyone involved, Course Superintendent Kris Shumaker was able to tie all 6 design visions together, creating a naturally flowing course that took advantage of the lush rolling landscape surrounded by dense forest.

Located 20 miles from Grand Rapids, MI, Pilgrim’s Run is a steal at < $100 even during peak times. It was ranked the 10th Best Public Course in Michigan by Golfweek in 2023 and a top 25 Value Course in 2019 according to Golf Advisor. But most importantly, an incredible 99.1% of golfers would recommend the course on GolfPass (across hundreds of reviews), a feat we rarely see in our research.

Rates: $85 - $99 during peak season (military, pastoral and twilight rates offered at an even lower price)

Check out this review from @dustergolf

📍Pigrim’s Run Golf Course Pierson, MI (20 Min from Grand Rapids) #pilgrimsrungolf #michigan #golf #michigangolf #golftrip #timhortons

Stat of the Day: You Asked! We Researched: Does Humidity Affect Carry?
presented by…

The Stat: In a recent post, we discussed the effect of Temperature on Distance. As a follow up, many readers asked about the effects of Humidity on Distance, so we looked into it. The common belief is that a ball will not carry as far in high humidity because the air is “heavy.”

Trackman data seems to suggest otherwise, so no more excuses for that iron shot you thought you ‘flushed’ that came up 10 yards short. In fact, the difference in 6-iron carry when hitting shots in 10% humidity vs. 90% humidity averaged just 1 single yard!

The Takeaway: We all have a list of back pocket excuses we can call on if a round goes poorly. But you can officially cross humidity off this list.

Answer for a chance to win a 2024 US Open @ Pinehurst Limited Edition Gift Pack! 
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