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  • The Perfect Gambler's Par 5 + Decent irons but Poor Driver? Let's fix that.

The Perfect Gambler's Par 5 + Decent irons but Poor Driver? Let's fix that.

If you’ve got confidence in your irons but feel lost with your driver, one of the best teachers on the internet may have your answer below. Pay close attention to step #3 .

In our course highlight, we’ve got the Ultimate Gambler’s hole in Myrtle Beach. Plus, an insane piece of Jack Nicklaus trivia for a chance to win a Malbon x Seamus Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover!

Irons Dialed but Driver Swing Lost?
Max Kettler gives you the keys 🔑 
To Recap…

Drives off the tee are a different species than Iron shots. Here are 3 things to key on when teeing off:

-STEP 1: Position the ball forward in your stance.
-STEP 2: Drop your back shoulder about 20 degrees to ensure an upward strike on the ball at impact.
-STEP 3: This is THE KEY. Stay behind the ball. If you’re body gets out in front, you’ll either block shots into a big slice or try to flip your hands hard at impact and hit a nasty low hook. So STAY BEHIND THE BALL.

The Ultimate Gambler’s Par 5

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club
Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’re from the southeast, you may already know King’s North in Myrtle Beach. It’s a super-fun layout and hole #6 is a 568-yard par 5 with the ultimate risk / reward shot. If you can land your tee shot on the island fairway, you can cut off the dogleg and leave yourself 150-200 yards into the green with your 2nd shot. Just be sure not to chunk your 2nd lol.

Rates: $100-160 during peak season

Check out this hole flyover from @playmyrtlebeachgolf

Stat of the Day: Fairways in Regulation by Handicap
presented by…

The Stat: The average tour pro only hits the fairway in regulation 54% of the time, while a 20 handicap hits the fairway 41% of the time.

The Takeaway: Sure, tour pros might have more narrow fairways to contend with, but you might have assumed pros are hitting the fairway closer to 60-70% of the time, and you’d be wrong. Just know that a missed fairway isn’t as penalizing as it might seem, especially if you’ve got a nice short game to pair with an average driver.

Tidbits we’ve collected





Answer to Win a Malbon x Seamus Golf Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover
(1 winner chosen on 1/31/24 across all January trivia’s correct entries, 1000 respondents minimum)