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The Best Lesson Jim Furyk Ever Received + The Most Visually Stunning New Stop on the PGA Tour

Happy March! Just 8 days until we have that coveted extra hour of sunlight in the evening to squeeze in those afternoon rounds. Clocks change March 10th, so make your tee times now ⏰

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Jim Furyk shares one of the best lessons he’s ever received to help you with distance control on your approach shots.

✅ COURSES: The last course architected by Tom Weiskopf before his death in 2022, Black Desert Resort promises to be the most photogenic new stop on the PGA Tour in 2024. It will be the first event hosted in the state of Utah since 1963.

✅ STATISTICS: There’s a big difference between a +4 handicap and a 20 handicap, but not in this statistic. Learn the importance of birdies per round as you venture towards lower scores in 2024.

✅ TRIVIA: Speaking of Mr. 58, our trivia question asks what happened the night before Jim Furyk’s historic score, for a chance to win a Limited Edition Taylor Made TP5 Pickle Jar of balls!

Let’s go!

The Best Lesson Jim Furyk Ever Received
Mr. 58 owes much of his success to his Dad and coach, Mike Furyk
To Recap…

If you struggle with consistent contact, distance control and/or wild approach shots that go way offline, this practice tip is for you:

-STEP 1: Find a mid to high iron that you are comfortable with (let’s use an 8-iron for this example) and practice hitting full shots, noting your average distance. Let’s say you hit an 8-iron 150 yards on average…
-STEP 2: Now grab a 7-iron and practice hitting full shots with a smoother, more controlled pace. Practice as long as it takes to start consistently hitting the 7-iron that same 150 yard distance, aiming to never hit it past that mark.
-STEP 3: Now do the same drill with a 6-iron, again aiming not to hit the ball past 150 yards. It will take some time, but with enough practice, you’ll have an arsenal of tools at your disposal on any given shot. Plus you’ll become a much better player in windy conditions.

If you can hit 2 different irons the same distance at different trajectories, congrats- you are now light years ahead of most golfers.

The Most Visually Stunning New Stop on the PGA Tour

Black Desert Resort
Ivins, Utah

For the first time in 60 years, the PGA Tour will be playing an event in Utah. As part of it’s FedExCup Fall Series, the Black Desert Championship will be a full-field event and promises to be one of the more visually stunning events all year. Black Desert Resort will also host an LPGA Tour event in 2025, and it was the final gem designed by Tom Weiskopf before he passed away in 2022. Located near Zion National Park, the course’s vibrant green fairways carve their way through rivers of black lava rock, all with a backdrop of gorgeous red rock mountain ranges in the distance. The pictures alone make this a must-watch event. But if you ever get a chance to play, do not turn it down. The course is about to go semi-private and the only way to play will be to stay at the resort.

Rates: $250 non-resort guest fee (includes food & beverage, except alcohol)

Check out this flyover video from @blackdesertresort

Stat of the Day: Birdies per Round by Handicap
presented by…

The Stat: A +4 handicap averages 3.4 birdies per round, while a 20 handicap averages 0.3 birdies per round

The Takeaway: Obviously, there’s a 24 stroke difference between a +4 and a 20 handicap, but just 3.1 of those strokes can be accounted for by birdies alone.

The secret to lower scores is not more birdies, but fewer bogeys, doubles, or worse.

Like Pickles? Answer to Win a Limited Edition TaylorMade TP5 Pickle Jar of Balls
(1 winner chosen on 3/31/24 across all March trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Jim Furyk shot a 58 at the 2016 Travelers Championship. What happened the night before his historic score?

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