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How to Hit the Patented Tiger Stinger + The 3rd Best Muni in America lies in Boston

Plus, Tiger Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Happy Tuesday all - another week, another win for Scottie at the Travelers. His ho-hum year now has 6 wins (and 9 wins total the last 2 years), which is really incredible. But it’s still a far cry from Tiger in his heyday. From 1999-2009, Tiger averaged almost 6 wins per year, totaling 64 wins during that time. Scottie has been awesome but clearly has some catching up to do before we can even consider them in the same conversation. Lots more on this below…

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Have you ever wanted to learn the patented “Tiger Stinger?” Find out how below.

✅ COURSES: The 3rd Best Municipal in the country is a Boston gem named after a baseball hall of famer.

✅ STATISTICS: You might be familiar with Tiger’s incredible made cuts streak, but that doesn’t compare to his likelihood to win each and every tournament. Check it out below.

✅ TRIVIA: How long would it take for Scottie to match Tiger’s streak as the world #1? Answer for a chance to win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack!

Let’s get into it!

How to Hit the Stinger like Tiger
Popular Content Creator Zac Radford makes it simple
To Recap…

The patented Tiger Stinger- the envy of most amateur golfers. Draining a long birdie putt is great, but there’s perhaps no better feeling in the world than striping a long iron down the middle with a low, rising ball flight. If you’ve never been able to pull it off, Zac Radford shows you how:

-STEP 1: Place the ball in the middle of your stance
-STEP 2: Place 60% of your weight on your lead foot
-STEP 3: Get rid of all tension in your forearms - “noodle arms” as Radford calls it.
-STEP 4: Lead with your hands at impact.
-STEP 5: Finish low and left with abbreviated follow through

PRO TIP: When attempting the stinger, you may be tempted to come in super steep, but this can lead to major club face misalignment. Your best bet for a straight ball flight is to use a flatter swing and use body turn to square the club face.

The Best Course Anyone Can Play in Massachusetts
The best part? The price.

George Wright Golf Course
Boston, MA

Continuing our value theme for the month of June, we bring you the best course you can play in Massachusetts and one the best munis in the country. George Wright Golf Course in Boston is a challenging Donald Ross track named for baseball Hall of Famer, George Wright, who played for the Boston Red Stockings. Wright is credited as one of the leaders to first introduce golf to the Boston area in the late 1800s.

The land for the course was owned by a private investment firm but went to the city of Boston when the Great Depression began and investors disappeared. Thanks to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Works Progress Administration,” the course was commissioned to keep 1,000 men employed through the construction, costing an estimated $1 million.

At the time of opening in 1938, the greens fee was $2. And the City of Boston hasn’t lost sight of keeping the course accessible. Peak greens fees top out at just $62 today. After a much needed renovation to the course in 2004, George Wright GC was named Golf.com’s 3rd Best Municipal Golf Course in America in 2021. As one out-of-towner wrote, “The municipal golf courses in my area definitely do not look like this.” Be sure to visit “the Wright” the next time you’re in Boston, and follow it up with a game at Fenway to see the Red Stockings (…the Red Sox name change was definitely an upgrade).

Rates: $55-$62 during peak season for non-residents of Boston

Check out this rundown from @coursesyouneedtoplay

Stat of the Day: Sure, Scottie is Good, but Tiger was on a Different Planet During His Prime
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The Stat: We may never again experience an athlete as dominant as Tiger was in his prime. You may have heard the stat that Tiger played 142 consecutive tournaments without missing a cut, a feat in and of itself. But the hardware he took home from 1999-2009 was even more impressive. For 10+ years (!!!), he was more likely to win than to finish 9th or worse, taking home 64 trophies during that time. 

The Takeaway: Scottie Scheffler is on a tear right now, having won 6 tournaments just this year, but Tiger was on a completely different level (more on that below in our trivia). Sure, Tiger’s gambling odds may not have paid out a ton at the time, but know what they say- it’s not gambling when you already know the outcome.

Answer to Win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack 
(1 winner chosen on 5/31/24 across all May trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

To match Tiger's streak as World #1, how much longer would Scottie Scheffler have to continuously hold the top spot?

***Scheffler has been #1 for 91 weeks as of 6/25/24

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