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Trevino's "7 o'clock" Tip Video has 4+ million views + The Best Finishing Hole Built Since 2000

Plus, a Tour Pro stat that boggles the mind!

Happy Friday! The PGA Championship is underway in round 2, with Xander leading the field after his opening round 62. 👀 But everyone is talking about what happened early this morning when Scottie Scheffler was arrested for what was deemed a ‘misunderstanding’ of traffic direction. Scottie thought he was “proceeding as directed by police officers,” but that may not have been the case, at least according to one officer. He’s back at the course now, but we’ll see if this morning’s events stop the world #1. For what it’s worth, our money is still on him to win by 2+ strokes.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: For better ball striking, Lee Trevino says you should think of the golf ball like a clock. 4+ million views for a reason.

✅ COURSES: Play above the clouds in the Georgia mountains. And don’t forget your camera - #18 is one of the best finishing holes in the US.

✅ STATISTICS: Tour Pros at 100 yards out in the Fairway vs. Putting from 8 feet on the Green- This stat will boggle your mind!

✅ TRIVIA: The PGA Championship Wanamaker trophy went missing in the 1920s. Where was it found? Answer for a chance to win a 2014 PGA Championship Flag from Valhalla signed by Rory McIlroy!

Enjoy the weekend!

Lee Trevino Says You Should “Hit the Ball at
7 o’clock“
This video has 4+ million views for a reason
To Recap…

Do you have trouble dropping the club to the inside? Or putting it another way, do you come over the top and frequently hit weak slices? Lee Trevino has a way of explaining the game that almost makes things seem simple, doesn’t he? He says that his goal is to always try to ‘hit the golf ball at 7 o’clock.’ Here’s his logic:

-1st: Coming over the top is the cardinal sin in golf- so many bad things can happen. From the weak slice to the pull hook, it’s just bad news.
-2nd: For so many golfers, when starting the downswing, the hips fly open and the rear hip actually blocks the hands from being able to take an inside to outside approach.
-So… As you get older, Trevino explains that more limited flexibility can make it even harder to approach the impact zone from the inside. He states that you should drop your rear foot back a bit in order to combat this.  

Here’s a graphic to better illustrate: Imagine the golf ball is a clock and aim for 7 o’clock at impact.

The Best Finishing Hole Built Since 2000, Above the Clouds in the GA Mountains
A Must-Add to your Golf Bucket List

The McLemore - Highlands Course
Rising Fawn, GA

At the McLemore “Cloudland” Resort, there are 2 incredible 18 hole courses you can play, as well as a short 6-hole course that makes for a great tune-up (called the Cairn). The crown jewel is the Highlands Course, which is a Rees Jones layout situated 2,300 feet above sea level. The course navigates through a variety of terrain, from deciduous rainforest to scenic meadow vistas to what feels like the edge of the world. Holes 1, 17 & 18 are the most breathtaking along the eastern cliff edge of Lookout Mountain. Bring some extra balls because if you miss the fairway, your ball will quite literally never be seen again. The 18th hole is one of the best you’ll ever have the opportunity to experience- Links Magazine referred to it as “One of the Top 10 Finishing Holes in the World,” and in 2021, Golf Digest named it the “Best 18th Hole Built Since 2000.”

The McLemore is no stranger to critical acclaim, as it landed on Golf Digest’s 100 Greatest Public Courses list in 2022. But if you don’t believe the critics, listen to the actual patrons- it has an incredible 99.7% recommendation rating on Golf Pass.

Rates: $250 - $275 during peak season
(worth every penny for the 18th hole photos)

Check out this flyover from @mclemoreclub

Stat of the Day: Tour Pros from 100 yards vs. from 8 feet
presented by…

The Stat: Tour Pros take 1.51 shots on average to hole out when putting from 8 feet. Also, it takes them 2.8 shots to hole out from 100 yards in the fairway. This means it takes them 1.29 shots to get it to 8 feet when 100 yards out.

The Takeaway: Even though Tour Pros have about a 50/50 shot of making an 8 foot putt, putting from 8 feet is actually HARDER than hitting it to 8 feet from 100 yards out in the fairway. That’s downright mind-boggling and further proves just how hard golf can be.

Translation: If your strength is putting (either as a Tour Pro or an amateur), you have a huge leg up on the competition!

Answer to Win a 2014 PGA Championship Flag from Valhalla signed by Rory McIlroy
(1 winner chosen on 5/31/24 across all May trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

The PGA Championship Wanamaker Trophy went missing for nearly 6 years after Walter Hagen won it in 1925. Where was the trophy later found?

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