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A Course with Dino Fossils + The secret to bombing your drives?

You might know Michael Breed from his time at The Golf Channel. But he’s not just a great on-air personality, he’s also a REALLY good golf coach, coming in at #10 on Golf Digest’s 2023 Best Teachers in America list. In today’s edition, he’s got one vital move you must make if you’re going to gain distance off the tee.

And how about a golf course you can play alongside 64 million year old dino footprints! Plus, a breakdown of USGA handicaps across the golf spectrum and an associated trivia question for a chance to win a Malbon x Seamus Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover!

The #1 difference between bombers and short hitters, according to Michael Breed
Golf Digest’s #10th best teacher in the USA

To Recap…

To hit the ball far, don’t worry about your leg drive or the length of your backswing. There’s one move that all of the longest hitters make, and it has everything to do with your trail arm at impact.

The Move:

-STEP 1: Focus on keeping your trail arm bent at impact, the closer to your body the better.
-STEP 2: Be sure to clear your hips on the way through impact so you don’t block shots out to the right (if you’re a righty)

Jurassic Park meets Public Golf

Fossil Trace Golf Club
Golden, CO

If you’re like us, you have an unhealthy attachment to Jurassic Park, and the thought of playing golf alongside dino footprints and other fossils embedded in pre-historic rock formations is pretty darn cool. Golf Digest named hole #12 one of the 18 most fun holes to play in the country. Located 20 minutes west of Denver, Fossil Trace Golf Club is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Rates: $140 on weekdays during peak season, $160 on weekends

Check out this course breakdown from our IG friends at @coursesyouneedtoplay

Stat of the Day: USGA Handicap Breakdown
presented by…

The Stat: 1.8% of golfers have a USGA handicap index below 0, while ~18.4% have a handicap of 25+

The Takeaway: Golf is really freakin’ hard. Maybe we should run the data again next year after we follow through on our New Years resolutions to play more golf in 2024.

Answer to Win a Malbon x Seamus Golf Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover
(1 winner chosen on 1/31/24 across all January trivia’s correct entries, 1000 respondents minimum)

What percentage of golfers have a USGA handicap index of 30+?

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