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How to Create Nasty Spin. And is this the Best Mountain Course in the US?

Ever wonder how PGA pros create such insane amounts of spin around the green? Well for one, they have super-custom clubs and their grooves are taken right up to the legal max depth (vs. factory standard clubs that have a safer margin of error). Not to mention their clubs are likely cleaner and better maintained than yours. Hat tip to the GrooveIt Brush. Regardless, in today’s edition we’ve got a simple tip you can test for yourself.

Plus, an incredible mountain course you may never have heard of and a fun piece of Max Homa trivia for a chance to win a Malbon x Seamus Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover!

Want more spin? The CEO of Golf has you covered

To Recap…

If you want to create more spin on your pitch shots:

-STEP 1: Place your top-hand more on top of club when you take your grip than you normally would
-STEP 2: Loosen your grip (like you’re holding an egg you don’t want to break in your hands) and let the club’s bounce do the work
-STEP 3: Let the club release past your hands (almost similar to how you’d hit a sand shot)

The Best Mountain Course in the US?

Alpine Country Club
Alpine, Utah

Looking for a sweet mountain west experience near a major airport? Look no further than Alpine Country Club, located just 40 minutes south of the Salt Lake City Airport. The photos are incredible, but if you need further proof that the conditions are immaculate, the course Super, Jake Ebner, just won Utah Superintendent of the Year. Just one catch- you’ll need to know a member to get on, so let’s all start networking.

Rates: $125 guest fee

Watch this course review from our IG friends at @coursesyouneedtoplay

Stat of the Day: Hole Proximity from 200+ yards
presented by…

Tour Pros are REALLY freakin’ good

The Stat: On shots of 200+ yards out, a 0 handicap will end up 140 feet (46.7 yards) away from the hole on average, while a 20 handicap will end up 226 feet from the hole (75.3 yards)

The Takeaway: The disparity between even a great 0 handicap player and a PGA Tour pro is staggering. If you’re 200+ out, you might even consider pulling out the old 180 yard club from time to time and put yourself in a

position to get up and down.

Tidbits we’ve collected





Answer to Win a Malbon x Seamus Golf Rancho Arroyo Fairway Headcover
(1 winner chosen on 1/31/24 across all January trivia’s correct entries, 1000 respondents minimum)

Max Homa had the longest drive ever in the ShotLink era at 477 yards during the Sentry. Whose record did he break?

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