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What are Pros Looking at when Reading Putts from the Side? + Don't Sleep on New Mexico Golf

Plus a hilarious swing hack from DJ Khaled

Happy Friday! Forget the Scheffler shuffle- here’s a new trick for you from DJ Khaled. Yes, we know he’s controversial, but you have to see his hack for striping drives down the middle. Love him or hate him, it’s at least worth a chuckle. Call it “the Khaled Hop” - watch for yourself HERE and try it this weekend!

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: What are Tour Pros doing when reading putts from the side? They’re assessing the green for color changes. Find out why below.

✅ COURSES: How about a desert course in New Mexico, but also make it mountainous and place it 6,500 feet above sea level? Paako Ridge needs to be your list… views for days.

✅ STATISTICS: What’s easier to make - a shorter downhill putt or a slightly longer uphill putt? Answer below.

✅ TRIVIA: What entity built New Mexico’s oldest course in 1899? Kudos if you get this one. Answer for a chance to win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)!

Bring it on!

How the Pros Read Greens Using Color Changes
2023 Open Championship Winner Brian Harman explains
To Recap…

Reading a green is part science and part feel. Even when you have the exact right line though, you need to take speed into account. And color changes in the green can have a major impact on how a putt rolls out. If you’ve ever wondered what the pros are doing when they’re staring at putts from the side, listen up:

-PART 1: After assessing your line between the ball and the hole, walk all the way around the putt and observe any color changes in the grass, paying special attention as you look at the putt from the sides.
-PART 2: If the grass looks shiny, it is laying away from you and that section of the putt will be quicker. If the color you observe is green, the grass is growing toward you, which will make that section of the putt slower.
-PART 3: Similarly, if a section of the putt looks green (especially as you get closer to the hole where the putt loses speed), it will break more in the direction of the growth of the green grass.

NOTE: Putts on Bermuda grass greens are going to be far more affected by color changes than on Bent grass greens. Be sure you know what type of greens you’re playing on before teeing off!

Don’t sleep on New Mexico Golf
The home state of Nancy Lopez & Walter White knows golf

Paako Ridge Golf Club
Sandia Park, NM

How about this head-scratcher? You can play gorgeous desert golf on a lush course at 6,500 feet above sea level surrounded by an incredible mountain landscape. If that piques your interest, Paako Ridge Golf Club needs to be on your list. Just outside of Albuquerque, NM, the course has made Golf Digest’s “Top 100 Public Courses” list every year since 2003 (currently #55), and it’s currently rated the 2nd best course in the state. With three 9-hole layouts to choose from, your round always feels different.

Fun fact: The 7th hole of the first nine (a 496-yard par 4) is labeled “the Field House,” and has the same shape and dimensions as Augusta National’s 10th hole.

There may not be a better value in a 500 mile radius. The course is only open from May. 1st-October 20th, so jump on those tee times.

Rates: $225 for 18 holes + cart

Check out this jawdropper from @evan_schiller_photography

Stat of the Day: What’s easier? Longer Uphill Putts vs. Shorter Downhill Putts
presented by…

The Stat: Some players prefer a slightly longer uphill putt (over a shorter downhill one) because they can be more aggressive and hit the putt firmly, but that preference does NOT equate to a higher make rate.

The Takeaway: Perhaps it’s best to illustrate this with an example: for the average golfer, an uphill putt from 6 feet has a LOWER make rate than a downhill putt from 5 feet.

In tandem, if you’re trying to leave yourself with an uphill putt when chipping, your chips will end up further from the hole (on average), which naturally has a LOWER make rate.

In other words, listen to Lou Stagner’s advice and ALWAYS take the closer putt, regardless of whether it’s uphill or downhill.

(Lou is a great follow on social if you want more stats than even we give you here.)

Answer to Win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)
(1 winner chosen on 4/30/24 across all April trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

New Mexico's oldest golf course, The Lodge at Cloudcroft, was built in 1899 by an unusual suspect. What entity constructed the resort?

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