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Stats: Scratch Golfers vs. LPGA players + This Course Hosted the LPGA Championship 5x

Plus, a Ball Striking Hack using basic Painter's Tape

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to our newest 543 subscribers since our last edition. Well, Talor Gooch did it again. He whined his way into a major championship invitation. If you’re not familiar, Gooch has gone on record stating that any majors that don’t include the best players on the LIV Tour (namely him) deserve an asterisk. And the PGA Championship prides itself on having the most competitive field of all four majors, so they extended him a special invitation. Man, life seems to be so unfair to him- you know with that cool $39 million he earned last year.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Got the scoops with your irons? This simple household item is the answer.

✅ COURSES: This course hosted the LPGA Championship for 5 straight years. And it’s a public course that’s easy on the wallet.

✅ STATISTICS: How do Scratch golfers compare to LPGA players? See for yourself below

✅ TRIVIA: Which LPGA player holds the longest streak as the world’s #1 ranked women’s golfer? Answer for a chance to win a 2014 PGA Championship Flag from Valhalla signed by Rory McIlroy!

Let’s get into it!

DeChambeau’s Hack For Rock Solid Irons
Just make a quick trip to the hardware store
To Recap…

Bryson pulls out a lot of tools and gadgets during practice, but one of the most simple is perhaps the most effective- basic painter’s tape. If you struggle with consistent iron contact, here’s the hack for your next range session:

-STEP 1: Place a strip of painter’s tape on the ground perpendicular to your stance.
-STEP 2: After taking your stance, place tees (or similarly sized objects) on the inside and outside of your clubhead.
-STEP 3: Place your ball between the 2 tees and no more than 1/2” away from the painter’s tape. If you hit either of the tees or break the tape, you’ll have instant feedback of what you need to correct.

If you practice this for even 15 minutes a week, it’s pretty much impossible not to see improvement in your ball striking.

***And chalk or a thin towel work equally well in place of the painter’s tape- use whatever you have on hand that helps you visually.

This Course Hosted the LPGA Championship for 5 Years Straight
The #1 Public Course in Maryland

Bulle Rock Golf Course
Havre De Grace, MD

Havre De Grace, MD sits about 45 minutes north of Baltimore up I-95 and has a population of just ~13,000 people. It’s two biggest claims to fame are 1. It’s the birthplace of Cal Ripken Jr., and 2. During the First Congress in 1789, it missed becoming capital of the US by a single vote to New York City. But what it may lack in significance, it more than makes up for with amazing golf.

Bulle Rock is a Pete Dye jewel that hosted the LPGA Championship for 5 years straight from 2005-2009 (Annika Sorenstam won in ‘05). Named by Golf Digest as 1 of 12 “Five-Star Facilities in America,” it has a 95.3% recommendation rating on GolfPass. And here’s the best part- it’s both open to the public (#1 Public Course in MD) and very reasonably priced at just $115 max on the weekends and $99 during the week.

Rates: $79 - $115 during peak season

Check out this flyover from @randomgolfcourses

Stat of the Day: Scratch Golfers vs. LPGA Stats
presented by…

The Stat: The #1 ranked LPGA player scores under par more than 2x as often as the #100 ranked player (and records 1 additional birdie per round). And the #50 ranked LPGA player scores under par nearly 2x as often as a Scratch Golfer (with 1 additional birdie per round)

The Takeaway: There are tiers to greatness. A Scratch Golfer is already in the top ~1% of all golfers. And if you compare a Scratch Golfer to a #50 LPGA player, they are worlds apart with each in their own tier. The same can be said for the #10 player and the #1 ranked player. Thousands of hours of practice and dedication are required to be in the 1% of the 1%.

Fortune doesn’t favor the bold- fortune favors the obsessed.

Answer to Win a 2014 PGA Championship Flag from Valhalla signed by Rory McIlroy
(1 winner chosen on 5/31/24 across all May trivia entries, 1,000 correct respondents minimum)

Who has the longest streak of consecutive weeks as the World's #1 Ranked Women's Golfer?

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