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The "Sword Move" Will Solve Your Sand Woes + a "Bunker Island" Green?

It’s never quite made sense how effortless the pros make it seem getting out of the sand. But the “Sword Move” could be the swing thought that saves your round. PGA Professional Jordan Hamblin explains below, making you look super cool in the process.

Speaking of the beach, WOW, just look at the 4th hole at Kittansett below. You may have played an island green before, but have you played a bunker island green? Plus, a statistic about the effect of fitted clubs and a piece of championship bunker trivia for a chance to win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool… 1 of only 300 tools ever made!

Use the “Sword Move” to Escape the Sand Like a Pro
PGA Instructor Jordan Hamblin of Indian Wells, CA explains
To Recap…

Getting out of the bunker may be a baffling stunt for many to pull off, but the “sword move” gives you a memorable key to rely on

-STEP 1: Let the clubhead release and pass your hands through impact
-STEP 2: Rotate fully through the shot to finish firmly on your front leg
-STEP 3: This is THE MOVE if you want extra cool points. Drop the club like you just finished off your opponent in a duel. 🤺 
(…ok it’s not vitally important, but it does look cool)

A Bunker Island Green?

The Kittansett Club
Marion, MA

60 miles south of Boston as you make your way toward the Cape, you’ll find The Kittansett Club, ranked #89 on Golf Digest’s Top 100 U.S. Courses List. And if bunkers are your idea of a good time, you’re going to love the 4th hole, as the green is entirely surrounded by sand (and it’s coarse, thick New England sand, to boot). There’s a reason it’s one of the most photographed holes in all of the northeast. If the tide is in, you’ll have more water to contend with, and if the tide is out…well, just try not to miss the green. It is a private club, but you can find greens fees on fundraiser sites occasionally throughout the year.

Rates: $300+ during peak season

Check out this hole review from @golficity

Stat of the Day: Effect of Fitted Clubs
presented by…

The Stat: 87% of all golfers who are fit for clubs are able to reduce their handicap by at least 10%.

The Takeaway: It’s worth the money to get fit for clubs. Unless you play once a year and don’t care whatsoever about your score, just do it and think of it as an “investment in your future.”

Answer to Win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool! 1 of only 300 ever made!
(1 winner chosen on 2/29/24 across all February trivia correct entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

How much do championship courses conservatively spend annually to maintain their bunkers?

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