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Rory's 2.5 Foot Miss and How We All Compare + a Top Value Donald Ross Track in the Sandhills

Plus, a Really Fun Tour Putting Drill You Likely Haven't Seen

Happy Tuesday all- wow, what a finish we had on Sunday at Pinehurst. It seemed like Bryson caught every break possible when drive after drive ended up the waste area with no impediments. Even still, Rory came hard-charging down the stretch, only to be halted by a couple of short putts. Prior to his miss on the 16th hole, he had made 496 out of 496 putts inside 3 feet this season. And he was betrayed yet again on the 18th. What a brutal game we all choose to love.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Try this Gamified Tour Putting Drill designed by the “Doctor of Putting”

✅ COURSES: Donald Ross designed 6 courses in the Greater Pinehurst region, but Southern Pines might be the most fun

✅ STATISTICS: Would you have made Rory’s putt on 16? We look at Make Percentage on Putts Inside 3 Feet (by Handicap).

✅ TRIVIA: Speaking of putting, which brand is used the most by players on Tour this season. Answer for a chance to win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack!

On to it!

A Tour Putting Drill You Likely Haven’t Seen from the “Doctor of Putting”
Pro Fredrik Lindsblom demonstrates this fun, pressure-filled drill
To Recap…

We’ve come across all sorts of putting drills in our research dives, many of which are pretty bland, but this one designed by the “Doctor of Putting” Jon Karlsen really stands out. It’s a gamified way to accomplish 2 things at once: first, it will help you perform under pressure from inside 6 feet. And second, if you practice it enough, you’ll become really good from the mid-range (10-20 feet).

-STEP 1: Place 6 tees along a variety of putting lines at the following distances - 4 / 5 / 6 feet and 3 / 4 / 5 meters (equal to ~ 10 / 13 / 16 feet). The tees will create sort of a crescent-moon shape around the hole.
-STEP 2: Start by trying to make the 4-foot putt, then the 5-foot putt and finally the 6-foot putt consecutively. If you miss any of these putts, you will need to start over from the beginning at 4 feet.
-STEP 3: Once you’ve made the 3 consecutive shorter distance putts, move to the 2nd set at 3 / 4 / 5 meters. From here, you can continue putting until you make each one (without the need to start over)
-STEP 4: Calculate your score (i.e. how many putts it took you to complete the full drill). If you can complete it in 10-14 putts, you’re in line with a Tour Player. Under 10 putts? You are among the best in the world.

PRO TIP: For an extra challenge, place the putts along different lines with a variety of breaks. And take your time to line each putt up!

The Newly Crowned 3rd Best Course in Pinehurst (behind #2 and #4)?

Southern Pines Golf Club
Southern Pines, NC

Donald Ross loved the Sandhills of North Carolina so much that he designed 6 courses in the greater Pinehurst area alone, his most famous of course being Pinehurst #2. And while it’s true that the front nine at #2 was his very first design, he actually completed the full 18 hole course at Southern Pines Golf Club a year prior to completing the remaining nine at Pinehurst #2. At the time, it was a modest, affordable course that sat on perhaps the best piece of land in the area, with numerous elevated greens that follow the natural contours of the earth.

In July of 2020, Southern Pines was purchased by the same group that owns Mid Pines and Pine Needles, two other Donald Ross tracks that are beloved by those making their pilgrimage to the home of American golf. Architect Kyle Franz was tasked with restoring the course, and at just 6,600 yards from the back tees, Franz knew he needed to do something to spice things up. So he took advantage of the hilly terrain and created numerous risk-reward tee shots as well as “wildly contoured greens” on the vast majority of holes. His bold changes have received a ton of praise, and many believe it could rise to become the 3rd best course in the greater Pinehurst region (behind #2 and #4). Currently ranked as the 72nd Greatest Public Course int he US according to Golf Digest, be sure to add Southern Pines to your list the next time you visit the Sandhills.

Rates: $85-95 off-peak, $195-$225 peak season

Check out this video from @brianoar

Stat of the Day: Rory’s 2.5 Foot Miss and How We All Compare
presented by…

The Stat: Prior to the 16th hole on Sunday, Rory had made his last 496 putts inside 3 feet. That’s really quite incredible, even for the pros, who line up with a 0 handicap with a 97% make percentage. But a 15 handicap is a bit different, as they miss 14% of the putts they take inside 3 feet.

The Takeaway: Putting at shorter distances is a mind game more than anything, and we’re sure Rory would agree. Once you’re confident in the line, do your best to approach these shorter putts with conviction and accept the outcome, good or bad. You won’t make everything but your make percentage should improve if you can adopt this mentality. Easier said than done, we know.

Answer to Win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack 
(1 winner chosen on 6/30/24 across all June trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Currently in 56 bags on the PGA Tour, which putter brand is the most used in 2024?

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