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Stop your fat & thin misses with this towel drill + the #2 Value Course in America lies in Wisconsin

Happy Players Championship week! If you missed it, Ryan Fox achieved something no other golfer has ever achieved at the Players - he eagled back to back holes on #16 and the famed #17 island green. After bogeying the prior 2 holes, he then knocked his 2nd shot on the par 5 16th hole to ~2.5 feet, he then hit the dream shot of his life on the par 3 17th, holing out- you can watch the video HERE.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Looking to stop your fat and thin misses forever? The Towel Drill is going to be your go-to on the range from now on.

✅ COURSES: Continuing our March theme of Best Value Courses, we highlight the #2 Value Course in America with some of the wildest green complexes you’ve ever experience.

✅ STATISTICS: We’ve been asked to share more stats from average golfers, so today we break down just how frequently the average 14.1 handicap player hits the green from a variety of distances. Where do you stack up?

✅ TRIVIA: Our trivia question asks how frequently Tour Pros hit the green from 175-200 yards out. Answer for a chance to win a Limited Edition Taylor Made TP5 Pickle Jar of balls!

Let’s go!

Stop Fat & Thin Misses With This Towel Drill
So Simple It Hurts
To Recap…

If you tend to hit it fat or thin with your iron shots, this drill is your answer. And it’s so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself you haven’t been doing all along. Here’s how:

-STEP 1: Place a towel ~5 inches behind the ball.
-STEP 2: Hit a few practice shots, and of course, aim to miss the towel and make solid contact.
-STEP 3: If you’re still hitting the towel, your trail shoulder is likely dropping excessively, so try to feel your trail shoulder rotating through the ball as your weight moves to your front side.

You should be able to draw a vertical line at impact straight from your trail shoulder down to the ball. That’s it, problem solved!

The #2 Value Course in America
Wisconsin public courses continue to impress

Lawsonia (The Links)
Green Lake, WI

The Lawsonia Links Course got a $4 million dollar makeover in 2020, and it’s received rave reviews since. Golf Digest recently named it the #62 Best Public Course in America. It was literally re-built with steam shovels and the green complexes are some of the wildest you’ll come across. Rumor has it an actual train boxcar was buried under the 7th green, resulting in a 20 foot drop from back to front. Just don’t leave yourself on wrong side of the hole!

Rates: $125 during peak times, $65 during off-peak

Check out this course flyover video from @dbloch_

Stat of the Day: Green in Regulation Percentage by Distance for the Average 14.1 Handicap
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The Stat: The average golfer hits the green 62% of the time from 50-74 yards, but just 26% of the time from 150-174 yards.

The Takeaway: It makes sense that Green in Regulation percentage would go up as you get closer to the hole, but it’s clear that shots inside 100 yards are still a roll of the dice for the average golfer.

Practice those full and half wedges!

Like Pickles? Answer to Win a Limited Edition TaylorMade TP5 Pickle Jar of Balls
(1 winner chosen on 3/31/24 across all March trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

What percentage of the time do Tour Pros hit the green in regulation from 175-200 yards out?

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