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This Super-Weird Drill Will Put Your Driver in the Perfect Slot + An Awesome Night Golf Course 15 minutes from Disney World

Happy Tuesday- who saw Tommy Fleetwood’s Tin Cup moment at the Arnold Palmer Invitational over the weekend? 3 balls in a row in the water on hole #6 and a 10 on the scorecard. If you missed it, here’s the video LINK. Gotta love his determination.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: One of our favorite teachers, George Gankas (Golf Digest’s 18th best in the US), shares the super-weird drill that will get you into the perfect slot with the Driver.

✅ COURSES: Heading to Disney for Spring Break? Sneak out once the kids are asleep to play this fun night course 15 minutes from the House of Mouse.

✅ STATISTICS: Think you hit the ball far? We break down just how far the PGA Tour pros’ tee shots end up from the common man.

✅ TRIVIA: Brian Stuard was the shortest driver off the tee in 2023, but by how much? Answer for a chance to win a Limited Edition Taylor Made TP5 Pickle Jar of balls!

Let’s do it!

The Super Weird Drill that Will Get Your Swing into the Perfect Driver Slot
From Golf DIgest’s 18th Best Teacher in America, George Gankas
To Recap…

First off, this is going to feel uncomfortable. But if you can’t find the ideal “slot” for your Driver swing, listen up…

-STEP 1: Without a club, take your hands to the top of your swing and as you bring them down, turn your lead hand away from your body so that your pinky is closest to the sky and your palm is facing the target (or just watch the video if you can’t envision this move lol).
-STEP 2: Have someone toss you a ball as you start your downswing and try to catch it. It will feel like you’re catching the ball back-handed.
-STEP 3: Now grab your driver and practice the exact same motion once or twice to really engrain the feeling of the “perfect slot” in your brain.

Now smash it! If you can master the feeling of the perfect slot, it’s nearly impossible to push or pull the ball too far off line, so let it loose!

Play Amazing Night Golf 15 minutes from Disney

Legends Walk Golf Course
Kissimmee, FL

Many of you will be taking Spring Break trips to Disney World soon (or maybe you’re already there). We all know escaping for 4.5 hours is difficult when your little ones are hopped up on ice cream and popcorn, but what about 9 holes of night golf after they go to bed? Legends Walk Golf Course is an Arnold Palmer par-3 track just 15 minutes from Cinderella’s Castle, and it’s one of the few courses in the country that is lit up from tee to green for rounds after the sun goes down. If you want a unique experience and you’re in the Orlando area, this is a must-try. Glow in the dark balls make for an extra-cool experience - Purchase on Amazon HERE.

Rates: $50-70 dependent upon exact tee time and day of the week
(lights turn off at 11pm)

Check out this course review from @golficity

Stat of the Day: Average Driving Distance by Handicap
presented by…

The Stat: A top 10 Tour Pro hits the ball 319 yards off the tee on average, whereas a 0 handicap is an astounding 60 yards behind them at 259 yards on average.

The Takeaway: Even a bottom 10 Tour Pro drives the ball 22 yards past a 0 handicap off the tee. Sure, they generally play a longer set of tees, but could you imagine if all of your approach shots into the green were 22 yards closer? Think about how much better of a scorer you’d be. Maybe some strength and plyometrics training should be put on the weekly calendars.

Like Pickles? Answer to Win a Limited Edition TaylorMade TP5 Pickle Jar of Balls
(1 winner chosen on 3/31/24 across all March trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Brian Stuard was the shortest off the tee in 2023 at 271.5 yards (on avg). How far was he from 1st place?

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