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The Texas Rangers Have Their Own Golf Course? + Does the "Texas Wedge" Help or Hurt You?

Happy Tuesday- hope you enjoyed Scottie yawning his way to the Green Jacket in Augusta. Is it too much to ask to see some drama on Sundays?

A special welcome to those who joined during the Scotty Cameron Masters Putter giveaway (and congrats to our winner, Bruce B.)! Don’t worry if you didn’t win- we have many more giveaways lined up through the end of the year and we’re brainstorming ways to crown more than 1 winner each time, so be on the lookout!

In today’s newsletter…

✅ TIPS & DRILLS: It’s baseball season! Can your Tee-ball swing improve your golf game? It sure can- see for yourself below.

✅ COURSES: Wait what? A Major League Baseball-branded golf course? Seems odd but it kinda works.

✅ STATISTICS: When the wedges aren’t working, we’ve all been known to pull out the “Texas Wedge” from time to time. Does this shot help or hurt the average golfer’s scores?

✅ TRIVIA: Only one man can claim the incredible luck of having played in the Masters as well as the World Series- any ideas? Answer for a chance to win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)!

Put me in coach!

Simplify your Golf Swing with this “Baseball Tee” Drill
Click below to learn from The “Connected instructor” - Landon Michelson
To Recap…

The golf swing can be endlessly complicated, but if you’re ever in need of a swing thought to simplify things, go back to your Tee-ball days. Landon Michelson states that the golf swing is simply a morphed version of the traditional baseball swing. Here’s the drill:

-STEP 1: After setting up your elevated “baseball-tee,” stand upright with a 7 or 8-iron and take a few swings with the club parallel to the ground, aiming to consistently make solid contact.
***NOTE: You do not have to swing fast!
-STEP 2: Now with the ball on the ground, bend over at an angle and stand closer to the ball like you normally would.
-STEP 3: Now try to make the same movement you made during your “baseball swing,” keeping the clubface square through impact.

Michelson points out that if you hit under the ball when it’s placed on the “baseball tee,” then you likely have an exaggerated downward motion. Try not to have too much shoulder dip as you move towards impact.

The Texas Rangers Have Their Own Golf Course?
Baseball fans and golfers can have the best of both worlds

Texas Rangers Golf Club
Arlington, TX

Well this is unexpected- In 2019, Arlington Golf and the Texas Rangers partnered together to complete a 24 million dollar renovation of what was previously known as the Chester W. Ditto Golf Course. It’s the world’s only MLB-branded golf course and has some fun details that are totally on-theme. The 200 / 150 / 100 fairway yardage markers are actually home plates, and the tee markers are named for popular baseball phrases like “Pop up” and “Around the Horn.”

Amenities include a massive clubhouse with event spaces for hosting, a 23-acre practice area that includes a double-ended range and a restaurant that’s open to the public called “Home Plate.” In 2020, Dallas Morning News called Texas Rangers Golf Club the “Best New Golf Course” and Golf, Inc. referred to the course as the world’s second-best golf-renovation of 2019.

Rates: $95 weekdays - $130 weekends for non-residents

Check out this flyover from @randomgolfcourses

Stat of the Day: Strokes Saved with the “Texas Wedge”
presented by…

The Stat: From 5-15 feet off the green, a mid-high handicap player will actually save ~0.10 strokes using their putter. From 15-25 feet off the green, they will save ~0.15 - 0.25 strokes when choosing to putt (instead of chip).

The Takeaway: Unless you’re a low handicapper (i.e. < 10 handicap index), the Texas Wedge may be your best ally when you have a clean lie and less undulation to contend with. So don’t let your buddies scare you from pulling out the flatstick. As the saying goes, “your worst putt is often better than your best chip.”

Answer to Win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)
(1 winner chosen on 4/30/24 across all April trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Only one man can say he's played in both the World Series and the Masters. Who is it?

Hint: He also played with Babe Ruth

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