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  • $500 and only open to the Public for 2 weeks in April? + A Great Towel Drill to Maintain Width in your Driver Swing

$500 and only open to the Public for 2 weeks in April? + A Great Towel Drill to Maintain Width in your Driver Swing

Hello friends- Happy (Masters Round Two) Friday! Players were slightly delayed due to weather yesterday, but the rest of the weekend should be pretty perfect from a weather perspective. Let’s see if Tiger can hold up for 23 holes today since he only got through 13 yesterday. Our money is still on Scottie- he’s just so freaking good right now.

From one Scottie to another- we’ve extended entries for the Scotty Cameron 2023 Super Select Newport 2+ Putter in Xtreme Dark x Masters Green through Sunday, April 14th at 11:59PM EST. This means more time for you to enter and REFER YOUR FRIENDS for additional entries.

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✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Are you maintaining proper width in your driver swing? Grab a towel and check out the drill below.

✅ COURSES: One of the most anticipated new courses of the last decade opened in late 2023 in Aiken, SC. Old Barnwell has some big goals in mind. Man, Aiken, SC… who’d a thunk it?

✅ STATISTICS: How does your driving distance change as you get older? Check out the graphic below.

✅ TRIVIA: Tiger holds the title for the longest average driving distance among Masters winners… who sits in 2nd? Answer for a chance to win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)!

Enjoy the weekend!

Does your driver swing have enough width?
Don’t throw in the towel- British Pro golfer James Need has your tip
To Recap…

If you don’t have enough width in your driver swing, you won’t be able to shallow the club and impact the ball with an upward trajectory, which can lead to big misses and really sacrifice distance. James Need demonstrates his drill for ensuring arm width is maintained from takeaway to follow-through:

-STEP 1: Holding a towel, put your lead hand on your chest and your rear hand on your driver and the other end of the towel.
-STEP 2: Practice your take-away a few times by using your big muscles to rotate your body, ensuring that no slack forms with the towel.
-STEP 3: Once you’re comfortable, graduate to full swing rotation. At the top of the swing, fold and hinge the arms. And on your downswing, keep that great width you’ve formed by again disallowing any slack in the towel.

You might remember this from junior year Physics class (shoutout to the science nerds)… By maintaining width throughout your swing, you’ll actually build centrifugal force, which is what really propels swing speed and maximizes distance.

Seriously, Another Aiken, SC Course Highlight?
One of the most anticipated courses of the last decade
Old Barnwell
Aiken, SC

Aiken has some really nice golf courses so we couldn’t leave quite yet, But are there that many people in the area that can afford $400+ rounds? We’re genuinely curious.

Anyway, check out the video below- have you ever seen a prettier course in all brown? Founded by passionate golfer, Nick Schreiber, Old Barnwell claims a passion for making the game accessible to those who have historically been underrepresented in the game of golf. Eventually, Old Barnwell will include a second 18 hole course (planned for 2027), a youth caddie program, a partnership with two historically Black colleges and universities, and a paid maintenance apprenticeship program.

When asked about the course, popular critic Ran Morrissett said, "It is one of the finest designs of the past decade. What makes it so? It ticks all the important boxes: built on sand, great overall playing environment, excellent course presentation, highly strategic, top marks for originality, well placed hazards, cool features abound, all capped off by one of the best sets of greens I have seen. So really, A HOME RUN.”

Rates: April access: $500/person but just like at Palmetto, you’ll have lunch included 🤑 

We’re not so sure about the accessibility claim, but it sure is pretty.

Check out this flyover from @carolina_pines_golf

Stat of the Day: Average Driving Distance by Age Group
presented by…

The Stat: It comes as no surprise that you lose driving distance as you get older, making it all the more important to hit the gym as you age. You don’t need big muscles to hit it far, but you do need some strength and flexibility.

The Takeaway: Comparison is the thief of joy, so don’t get too down on yourself if you’re not as long as you used to be- it’s natural. Regardless, birdies are more impressive than 300 yard drives, so just go work on your short game!

Answer to Win a Kraken Limited Edition Masters Jacket x Tommy Fleetwood Ball Marker (1 of 89 ever made)
(1 winner chosen on 4/30/24 across all April trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

There are no prizes for guessing that Tiger holds the longest average driving distance among Masters winners. But who holds the trophy for the 2nd place?

(Tiger = avg. 323 yards, 2nd place = avg. 306 yards 🤯)

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