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Would you golf in Scotland with 1900s hickory clubs? And make this unexpected move to perfect your pitch shots

Happy Tuesday all, and welcome to our newest 523 subscribers since our last edition. Everyone saw Tiger’s shank video, right? Even us pedestrian golfers can look like one of the greatest players of all time 😂

In today’s newsletter…

✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Swedish Pro Golfer Fredrik Lindblom shows you the unexpected move you need to make to become a better pitcher of the golf ball (which he learned from top 100 instructor Jon Tattersall).

✅ COURSES: Would you play golf in Scotland with hickory clubs from the 1900s? For just $100, you can experience the game as it was originally played.

✅ STATISTICS: Circling back to your short game, our stat of the day visualizes Up & Down Percentage by Handicap from 0-25 yards.

✅ TRIVIA: We’ll take you right back to Scotland with a St. Andrews trivia question about broken roof tiles at the Old Course Hotel, for a chance to win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool (1 of only 300 tools ever made)

Let’s get into it!

To perfect your pitch shot, first make this unexpected move
Swedish Pro Golfer Fredrik Lindblom demonstrates
To Recap…

The best pitchers of the golf ball know how to make crisp, clean contact every time. Be like Luke Donald and follow this model:

-STEP 1: As you make your backswing, instead of loading the club like you would in a full iron shot, you should actually start to lean your upper body toward the target with your weight on your front leg.
(Super counter-intuitive, we know)
-STEP 2:  As you move through the ball, extend the club up and away from the ground (which will help get the ball up in the air).

By blending these 2 moves, you’ll no doubt improve your pitch shot contact, and then it’s all about feel and distance control, which comes with lots and lots of (you guessed it)… practice.

Play Scotland Golf with 1900s Hickory Clubs

Kingarrock Hickory Golf Club
Hill of Tarvit Mansion House, Scotland

Just 20 minutes south of St. Andrews, Kingarrock Hickory Golf Club at Hill of Tarvit Mansion House is the only hickory-only club in all of Europe. This 9-hole course might only be 2022 yards, but no one has ever broken it’s par 34 nine hole score (not even by the many tour pros who have played it). This one-of-a-kind course even maintains the grounds with the original equipment from the 1920s! If you want to experience golf as it was originally played, this is the place.

Rates: €77 greens fees for 9 holes, €90 for 18 holes (same 9 played twice)

Check out this course breakdown from @golficity

Stat of the Day: Up & Down % from 0-25 Yards By Handicap
presented by…

The Stat: Tour Pros get Up & Down from 0-25 yards three times (3X) more frequently than a 20 handicap. And a 5 handicap is almost ~2x more likely to get Up & Down than a 15 handicap.

The Takeaway: Remember in our last newsletter how we said the best players practice their short game significantly more than other players? This chart makes it crystal clear- we could all benefit from hitting the short game practice area a bit more.

Answer to Win a Limited Edition Tyson Lamb Cactus Divot Repair Tool! 1 of only 300 ever made!
(1 winner chosen on 2/29/24 across all February trivia correct entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Before replacing the roof with rubber tiles in 2017, how much was the Old Course Hotel @ St. Andrews paying to replace broken shale roof tiles caused by errant tee shots?

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