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US Open Odds Hot Takes, the Optimal Tour Pro Wrist Angle + a Great Weight Shift Drill

Plus, An Iowa (Cattle) Field of Dreams

Happy Tuesday- It’s US Open Week, and we’re headed back to Pinehurst. Here are some notable betting lines:

Scottie Scheffler - 2.75 to 1 (only the Pinehurst police can slow him down)
Rory McIlroy - 10 to 1 (personal challenges aside, he can still get hot quick)
Xander Schauffele - 12 to 1 (such disrespect coming off his win at Valhalla)
Jon Rahm - 25 to 1 (these odds might be too good)
Bryson DeChambeau - 18 to 1 (fantastic in major rounds 1-3, but can he close?)
Viktor Hovland - 18 to 1 (the ladies love his boyish charm, bettors should too)
Max Homa - 50 to 1 (this one is surprising, good opportunity to make some $)
Wyndham Clark - 70 to 1 (one word to describe last year’s champ - yikes)

In today’s newsletter…

✅ TIPS & DRILLS: Do you have trouble shifting your weight properly? Try this step drill that Jon Rahm’s coach swears by.

✅ COURSES: Value is our theme for June. And there might be no better value than the all-day rate at this Iowa course.

✅ STATISTICS: We hadn’t heard this before. There’s an optimal wrist angle for tour pros? Tiger’s old swing coach explains below.

✅ TRIVIA: Gary Woodland broke through at the 2019 US Open. How many times was he leading after Rd. 3 only to come up short? Answer for a chance to win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack!

Let’s go!

Jon Rahm’s Coach Teaches You the Step Drill for Perfect Weight Shift
A favorite drill of Rahm, Fleetwood, and more
To Recap…

Do you have trouble shifting your weight during your downswing? If you have a tendency to hang back in your golf swing (leaving the front shoulder open and making it harder to square the club face), here’s your drill from Mike Phillips (Jon Rahm’s swing coach):

-STEP 1: Set-up to the ball with your feet together “like a penguin” as Phillips puts it.
-STEP 2: Now drop your rear foot back as if you are taking your normal golf stance and once in place, drop your front foot as well to again have both feet together.
-STEP 3: Start your swing by pointing the club at the ball. Then draw the club back as if you are starting your swing.
-STEP 4: As soon as the club passes your feet, take a big step forward and swing through, transferring your weight to your front side.

BONUS POINTS: This drill also moves the swing arc’s low point forward (in front of the ball), which produces more pure ball striking.

The #1 Public Course in Iowa - So Nice, You’ll Play It Twice
A former cattle ranch transformed

Spirit Hollow Golf Course
Burlington, IA

Value, value, value- that’s our theme for June. We’ll continue to bring you the best bang for your buck all month-long. So let’s get started in Iowa with a course that was originally an old cattle field.

When you think of Iowa, you probably think of wide open fields with little to no elevation change. Maybe a giant corn field with a magical baseball field and Kevin Costner come to mind. But Spirit Hollow is just the opposite- known for challenging terrain with numerous elevation changes, natural ponds and streams and plenty of risk/reward shots.

Rated the #1 Public Course in the state according to Golfweek for the past 3 years, it’s not just the course that’s unique. The club boasts TopTracer range bays, an on-site lodge as well as modern cabins that accommodate groups up to 8. And with peak rates that cap out at $99, there aren’t much better deals in the midwest. But it doesn’t end there- if you’re up more golf, you can play the course on an all-day rate of just $110. Yep, for just $11 more, you can play as many holes as you can get through before the sun goes down. Now that’s value.

Rates: $89 - $99 during peak season ($110 All Day Play option)

Check out this rundown from @coursesyouneedtoplay

Stat of the Day: The Precise Wrist Angle That Sets Tour Pros Apart From Amateurs

The Stat: Tiger’s old swing coach, Sean Foley, analyzed tour pro wrist angles and discovered that the average was 51 degrees, while most amateur golfers have a wrist angle between 10 and 30 degrees.

The Takeaway: Tour Pros are able to create a wider swing arc by keeping their left arm straight (or mostly straight) throughout their swing and by not over-hinging the wrists, leading to more power and more consistency. The next time you go to the range, check your wrist angle at the top of your swing. All swings and body types are different, but you may not need nearly as much wrist hinge as you think.

Answer to Win a 2024 Limited Edition US Open Gift Pack 
(1 winner chosen on 5/31/24 across all May trivia entries, 1,000 respondents minimum)

Prior to his US Open win in 2019, Gary Woodland had never won a tournament after holding a 54 hole lead. How many times did he fail to close the deal when leading after Round 3?

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